Photos reveal “Star Trek” sequel filming with IMAX cameras

The first unofficial set pictures from the as-yet-untitled “Star Trek” sequel have been leaking all over the Web. We’ve seen Zach Quinto chatting casually on a cellphone wearing his pointy ears and Zoe Saldana and Christ Pine sitting together in a golf cart. Exciting stuff.
But the most revealing photo is not Zoe Saldana in her skimpy Trek uniform. It’s a picture that contains a camera. An IMAX Camera.

Did you spot the IMAX camera in this shot?

This guarantees a release of the film in IMAX theatres when it debuts in May 2013. It’s great news for “Star Trek” fans and IMAX fans, many of whom are the same people. Director JJ Abrams himself is on the record as an IMAX fan and it should be interesting to see how he makes use of the giant-screen format.

More and more filmmakers in Hollywood are experiementing with IMAX. For instance, about half of the upcoming “Dark Knight Rises” is being filmed in IMAX following on the success of “The Dark Knight,” which had about 20 minutes shot in IMAX.

It’s not a surprising decision by Paramount. The first “Star Trek” film was a $250 million (North America) hit and had a successful two-week run in IMAX theatres. Seeing the new “Star Trek” movie in IMAX 3D will be an added thrill and definitely worth the few extra few bucks. Let’s just hope the movie doesn’t suck.

Nice outfit: Zoe Saldana in a tense moment on the set of "Star Trek 2."


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