From Empire to bystander – George Lucas sells

Just when I got used to the idea that there would be no more Star Wars movies, George Lucas announces the sale of Lucasfilm to Walt Disney for $4 billion dollars, that there’s a new movie trilogy to come, plus more movies after that, and maybe more television series in the Star Wars universe too.

It sounds like someone’s playing a Jedi mind trick, but apparently not. That said, if Lucas/Disney say “gotcha” tomorrow or next week or even next year, I would probably laugh and wonder how I could be so gullible.

That’s because Lucas has NEVER hinted at selling Star Wars. He has held his precious universe of human and alien characters (that includes you, Ponda Baba/Walrus Man) close to his hip since 1977. The movies would be made up of two trilogies, he assured, not three as was previously rumoured. He didn’t want to create a franchise like Star Trek, which told the same stories week after week, he said. Aside from more stories he would tell on television, that was it for Star Wars on film.

Now he’s saying that it’s time for a new generation of filmmakers to take the reigns of Star Wars. While George had said HE would not continue the Star Wars movies, that didn’t mean the door wasn’t open to others. So he’s being “consistent,” he said.


Clearly, Lucas had a change of heart. Was it the $4 billion price tag that changed his mind? The chance to crystallize his investment? Surely he has enough money alerady. What’s another $4 billion to him?

Is he disappointed that his prequel Star Wars trilogy wasn’t as big a hit with critics and fans as the original trilogy? Does he feel he messed up with Jar Jar and stuff like that? Is he looking to redeem Star Wars with the help of hot new directors like Zack Snyder and Matthew Vaughn? Vaughn recently stepped aside mysteriously from directing duties for the sequel of X-Men: First Class – maybe he’s been talking to George already?

Did Lucas’s lawyer mention the words “succession planning” recently that sent Lucas into a tizzy? Is he simply planning for the future of his FIRST child?

Or maybe he finally realized how cool it would be to see Jedi, Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, Jawas and, maybe even Boba Fett, on the silver screen again.

Disney has been splurging on acquisitions lately. Mickey Mouse obviously isn’t enough. It’s the home of Buzz Lightyear, Spider-Man, The Avengers, and it seems Lucas found the right home for his beloved Luke Skywalker and friends.

I am excited to see more Star Wars movies. Millions of us are and I’d be lying if I said otherwise. This morning I thought there was zero chance of that happening. This evening we already have a release date is 2015. Again, I have to wonder if this is a Jedi mind trick.

What excites me most is the chance for us to see what other creative minds can do in this amazing universe Lucas created. I think he, too, realized that someone else could take Star Wars to places he never could. That someone else could do Star Wars better than him. Though he says he’s looking forward to “a fan” like everyone else, that sounds like spin to me.

The truth is Lucas finally felt the Force for himself. That’s why he could finally “let go.”

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