RIP The Count – the Boba Fett of Sesame Street

Another great artist has departed this earth – Jerry Nelson – the genius that voiced Count Von Count on Sesame Street.

This one hurts. The Count was my all-time favourite Sesame Street character.

While he was considered a secondary character, to me he was the Boba Fett of Sesame Street. No one could make me laugh quite like The Count. His obsessive counting and – ah ah ah laughter – never failed to put a smile on my face and make me feel good about life, no matter what my mood might have been. On top of that, he made counting and learning FUN! Heck, I could watch the count all day. He was that awesome.

Kudos to all the great puppeteers, but especially Nelson, for creating a character that truly stood out among all the great Characters on Sesame Street. With stars like Ernie and Burt and the Cookie Monster, that wasn’t easy to do. He was the Elmo of his time.

I will always be thankful to The Count for his wisdom and teachings. As we say goodbye to Nelson, it’s somewhat comforting to know that The Count will live on in re-runs and new shows voiced by the next generation.

Ah ah ah!

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