ALF making the jump to the big screen?

Remember ALF?

That’s the one. The furry cat-eating alien from the planet Melmac that sounded a bit like Rodney Dangerfield and loved to say “nooo problem!” He starred in his self-titled televison show for four seasons in the 1980s that I watched religiously. Not because it was a great show, but because he was such a great character.

If it wasn’t for ALF, I would not have insisted on stopping in Oxnard during a family road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know the episode I’m talking about.

Has the time come for a cute and fuzzy alien movie? ALF creator Paul Fusco, who I believe is also the voice of ALF and puppeteer, seems to think so. At least that’s what he said during a recent interview in which he revealed he will be pitching Hollywood on an ALF movie.

ALF was always very funny. I still have my talking ALF doll and my son, who has never seen an episode of the show, thinks it’s great. What I loved about him was that he had a Jack Sparrow kind of mentality. He always talked about doing the “wrong” thing but that conscience of his always forced him to do the “right” thing in the end.

I say, Hollywood, take a chance on an ALF movie. Don’t waste time on original ideas when you already know you have something that works.

Allow me to end with a favourite quote from the Oxnard episode: “ALF! Turn the car around – stop what you’re doing - come back home!”

2 thoughts on “ALF making the jump to the big screen?

  1. Jim and I watched the last five minutes of an episode last week. We both haven’t seen it in years. Our little ones enjoyed seeing a funny looking, hairy guy walk about and chat with humans (not paying attention to the dialogue). I think they should take a chance on ALF for the big screen. Many ’80s characters have made a come back, maybe ALF can too!

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