Avengers ensemble!

It has been a fanboy’s dream – to see an Avengers movie, or any superhero “team movie,” that does not suck.

X-Men doesn’t really count. Yes, they are a team of superheros, but they were born that way. Same goes for Fantastic Four. But imagine taking a bunch of solo superheroes and forcing them to work together – that’s the Avengers (and Justice League” for that matter).

It took years of planning to make an Avengers movie work. We got a couple of Iron Man flicks, Thor and Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk too. They were decent movies on their own but they paved the way for bringing the lot of them together in the Avengers and it worked out perfectly. Great cast, great story, great humour….GREAT MOVIE!

It’s not easy to have multiple main characters and give them all something important to do while maintaining their individuality. They are a team but they each stand out. That’s what an ensemble is. If director Joss Whedon is a Woody Allen fan, it wouldn’t surprise me. Woody is known for his ensemble casts in most of his movies. He makes each of his characters count and that was where the Avengers could have fallen.

DC/Warner Bros. - if you’re you’re watching all this carefully (and I’m pretty sure you are), you have a lot of groundwork to do before getting a great Justice League movie into theaters. My advice is do it the Marvel way – take your time and do it right.


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