Courageous artist sets fine example

Some people can find art in everyday life – like Allison Leadley.

The Toronto Star wrote a great article about her recent adventure in the streets of Toronto. What did she do? She placed two chairs on the bustling corner of Queen and Spadina then sat and waited for someone to sit down. No one did it at first, but that soon changed.

According to the story, some people sat for a few minutes while others stayed over an hour talking about…life! Of course, many others pretended that she wasn’t there at all.

An experiment? Performance art? Perhaps a little bit of both (or neither).

Performance art: don't try this at home.

If I had been on that corner the day she was there, I am pretty sure I would have been “one of those” and walked right by her without doing anything. I just wouldn’t want to draw attention to myself. That is too bad for me.

Had I the courage, I would have told her all about my blog and how much fun I am having with it. I would explain how much I enjoy writing about whatever I want within the “sophisticated fan” theme I created. I would tell her about all the surprisingly good feedback and comments from complete strangers around the world the blog has received.

Ah, the art of the everyday and mundane. Who would have thought it could be so interesting.


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