He-Man to make comic book comeback

He-Man is making a comeback.

Not in a feature film. Not a television show. But a comic book. Hey, it’s better than nothing!

He-Man – the original series – was one of my favourite Filmation cartoons. I loved the stories, the morals, the whole mythos of Eternia and its heroes and villains. Sure, it started as a toy line and evolved into other media, which is the reverse of how it’s usually done.

The difference with He-Man is that it gave birth to a whole new generation of¬†animators, namely the great Bruce Timm, who went on to do Batman: The Animated Series. One of Timm’s first gigs was He-Man, which explains the high quality of the series.

The concept of the “new” He-Man series sounds interesting. Skeletor wins a major victory and wipes the memories of Eternia’s inhabitants. Will He-Man regain his memory and set the world straight? It should be a fun six-issue mini series starting in July.

He-Man returns via a new comic book series (and likely a new toyline too).

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